Foot Rest Cushion Under Desk Medium Size

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1. Product Introduction

High quality foot rest rocker. The product is made by sponge and cloth. Unlike the rocking foot rest, the sponge foot rest provides a softer and in-depth relaxation for users. But users can also have it rocking by simply flipping it over.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

Product NameF5 Foot Rest Cushion Under Desk
Model NumberF5
Product size:44*29*11cm
Carton Size45*61*45CM
Quantity Per Carton8PCS
Net Weigh/Gross Weight2.8/3.8KG

3.Product Feature and Application

The product is mainly made by sponge and cloth. The product is soft and users could have two ways to use it, just simply flip it over it will have similar functions as rocking foot rest.

4.Product Details

A complete set of parts are included in the package, each part is well protected. The package is in a right size, while the quality of box ensures the product hard to be damaged during transportation. Each product we produce will be inspected during and after production.

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