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Introduction to Portable Drone Jammer


Portable drone jammer is a light and easy -to -carry device for the interference and interference of drones. These devices are usually used in various scenarios, including military, security, activity security and legal law enforcement.


1. High integration and lighter carry;

2. It has the function of driving away, forced landing, and two modes of switching on the gun body;

3. Built -in high -performance lithium battery, continuous working time ≥90 minutes.

4: The interception model is comprehensive: built -in GPS, Beidou, 2.4G, 5.8G frequency band interception module can cover almost all model drones.

5. Ultra -long distance interception: The drone interception system uses high -power LDMOS devices, with frequency correction and fast frequency sweeping technology, which greatly provides equipment interception effects. The measured interception distance can reach more than 1500 meters. The interception effect industry leads.

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