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Why are the paper cups at the airport drinking water conical?


The paper cups at the airport for drinking water are typically conical in shape for practical reasons.

Firstly, the conical shape makes it easier to stack the cups one on top of the other, which is important for storing and transporting them efficiently.

Secondly, the tapered shape allows for the cups to be easily separated from each other when they are stacked, without getting stuck together. This is important for quick and efficient dispensing of the cups to travelers who need them.

Finally, the conical shape makes it easier to hold the cup securely, which is especially important for travelers who are on-the-go and may need to drink while walking or carrying other items. The wider opening at the top also allows for easy drinking without spilling.

Overall, the conical shape of the cups is a practical and functional design that is well-suited for the needs of travelers in airports.

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