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What should I do if the printed Sketch Book-Spiral Book paper is deformed?


What should I do if the printed Sketch Book-Spiral Book  paper is deformed?

1. The purchased products should be stored indoors as far as possible, and avoid being stored outdoors; the products should be transported to the printing workshop 24 hours before printing, so that the temperature, humidity and paper in the printing workshop can reach a balance state, and the temperature of the workshop can be kept at 15-20C , Humidity can be maintained at 50-60%.

2. Due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in autumn and winter, and the dry weather, the paper is easy to lose moisture and warp. Therefore, after unpacking the paper, minimize the exposure time as much as possible. After printing, wrap it with PE film to prevent product deformation.

3. During the printing, oiling and drying process of NoteBooks, the moisture content of the base paper will be lost, and cracks will appear on the surface of the paper. You can increase the width of the pipeline and adjust the depth of the pipeline, or humidify the workshop, such as spraying water around the cardboard to increase the humidity in the air.

4. To deal with the coming winter, when the temperature drops and the viscosity of the ink increases, it is easy to cause problems such as poor inking and printing foaming, and some additives such as ink additives can be added to improve applicability.

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