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What is the Auto PCB Relay


An auto PCB (Printed Circuit Board) relay, also known as a printed circuit relay or a miniature relay, is an electronic switch that is used in low voltage applications to control electrical circuits on a printed circuit board. It works by using an electromagnetic coil to move a contact between two or more terminals, completing or breaking a circuit.

Auto PCB relays are commonly used in automotive electronics, such as in car alarms, central locking systems, and power windows. They are also used in other low voltage applications, such as in industrial control systems, consumer electronics, and telecommunications equipment.

Auto PCB relays are designed to be compact, reliable, and cost-effective. They are available in various sizes and configurations to fit different applications, and can be used to switch different types of loads, such as resistive, inductive, or capacitive.

Overall, auto PCB relays play an important role in the operation of various low voltage electronic systems, providing a reliable and efficient way to control electrical circuits on a printed circuit board.

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