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Precautions for using AM soft labels


AM soft labels are commonly used in retail stores as a part of anti-shoplifting and inventory control systems. These labels are attached to merchandise and can be easily deactivated at the point of sale. Here are some precautions for using AM soft labels effectively:

  1. Proper Application:

    • Ensure that AM soft labels are applied correctly to the designated areas on merchandise. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for placement to maximize their effectiveness.
  2. Avoid Covering Barcodes or Labels:

    • Be careful not to cover important barcodes, product information, or price tags with AM soft labels, as this can hinder the scanning process during checkout.
  3. Check Labels for Damage:

    • Inspect AM soft labels for any damage or tampering before attaching them to products. Damaged labels may not function properly.
  4. Remove Labels During Purchase:

    • Ensure that cashiers or store employees remove or deactivate the AM soft labels during the purchase process. Failure to do so may trigger alarms when customers leave the store, leading to inconvenience and potential customer dissatisfaction.
  5. Train Staff:

    • Train store staff, including cashiers and security personnel, on the proper use and deactivation of AM soft labels to minimize errors and false alarms.
  6. Label Compatibility:

    • Make sure that the AM soft labels you use are compatible with your store's anti-shoplifting system. Different systems may use different frequencies, so ensure a match for effective deactivation.
  7. Regular System Maintenance:

    • Conduct regular maintenance and testing of your AM anti-shoplifting system to ensure it is functioning correctly. Replace any malfunctioning components promptly.
  8. Label Removal Tools:

    • Provide store staff with appropriate label removal tools to ensure that AM soft labels can be deactivated without damaging merchandise.
  9. Customer Communication:

    • Inform customers about the presence of AM security labels and the deactivation process during checkout. This can help prevent confusion and potential customer frustration.
  10. Monitor High-Theft Items:

    • Pay extra attention to high-theft items or merchandise that is frequently targeted by shoplifters. Attach AM soft labels to these items and ensure they are properly deactivated.
  11. Security Tagging Policies:

    • Develop and enforce clear store policies regarding the use of AM soft labels, including when and where they should be applied.
  12. Employee Accountability:

    • Hold employees accountable for following security labeling procedures. Implement checks and balances to ensure compliance.
  13. Alarm Response Procedures:

    • Have clear procedures in place for responding to alarms triggered by AM soft labels. Train staff on how to handle these situations professionally and effectively.
  14. Privacy Considerations:

    • Be mindful of customer privacy concerns when using AM soft labels. Ensure that any data collected, such as alarm logs, is handled in accordance with privacy regulations.

By following these precautions, retailers can effectively use AM soft labels to deter theft and protect their merchandise while providing a smooth shopping experience for customers.

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