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How to use computerized flat knitting machine safely


Computerized flat knitting machine production safety precautions

1. Follow the startup and shutdown procedures and instructions, and do not cut off the power directly.

2. If the machine is running, do not touch the internal area of the machine under any circumstances.

3. If the machine breaks down, it should be repaired by professional technicians immediately.

4. It is necessary to ensure that the machine is in a safe state before it can operate.

5. Before starting the machine or setting up the machine in operation, make sure no one is in the danger zone.

6. Do not probe into the gap between the needle beds, and keep your hands, face, clothes, etc. away from these places.

7. Do not touch the friction feeder when the machine is operating, and keep loose clothes and hair away

yarn feeder.


1. Do not put books, pens and other items on the creel stand and protective cover.

2. The tools used for changing needles should be placed in the designated position, and should not be placed on the creel stand and protective cover at will.

3. Remove the empty bobbins and unused wool yarn tubes in time, and clean the wool yarn on the unused yarn feeders.

4. When the machine is not in use, the machine head stops on the left side, and the direction of the machine head is from left to right.

5. Close the protective cover door to prevent dust from falling into the machine.

6. Keep the workshop environment hygienic.

7. Non-professionals are not allowed to start the machine without authorization.

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