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How Textile Knitting Machine works


Textile knitting machines work by using needles to form loops with yarn to create knitted fabrics. There are different types of textile knitting machines, including circular knitting machines, flat knitting machines, and warp knitting machines. Here is a general overview of how these machines work:

Circular knitting machines:

  1. Yarn feeding: The yarn is fed into the machine from the cone or the yarn carrier.

  2. Needle selection: The needle selection system selects the needles that will knit the fabric based on the programmed pattern.

  3. Stitch formation: The needles knit the fabric by forming loops with the yarn. The loops are held in place by sinkers or loop-holders.

  4. Fabric movement: The fabric is continuously formed in a tubular shape, which is moved around the circumference of the machine by the cylinder.

  5. Yarn changing: If the pattern requires a change in yarn color, the yarn changing system automatically switches to the new color.

  6. Pattern programming: The machine's computer controls the knitting process and can be programmed to create various stitch patterns and designs.

  7. Finishing: After the fabric is knitted, it is removed from the machine and finished through processes such as washing, drying, and pressing.

Flat knitting machines:

Flat knitting machines have a flat needle bed and can produce both flat and shaped knitted fabrics. The working principle of flat knitting machines is similar to circular knitting machines, but the fabric is moved across the needle bed instead of around a cylinder.

Warp knitting machines:

Warp knitting machines use a warp yarn that is held in place by a series of needles. The weft yarn is then interlaced with the warp yarn to create a knitted fabric. Warp knitting machines can produce fabrics with complex patterns and textures.

Overall, textile knitting machines use a combination of yarn feeding, needle selection, stitch formation, fabric movement, and pattern programming to create knitted fabrics. The specific working principle may vary depending on the type of knitting machine.

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