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Features and Functions of Kitchen Waste Disposal Equipment


Due to the relatively high water content in food waste, if it is not treated in time, it will have a great impact on the surrounding environment. Leakage may also occur during garbage handling, causing environmental pollution.

Kitchen Waste Disposal Equipment takes microbial degradation technology as the core, with safe strains and simple operation. You only need to recycle the garbage and put it directly into the equipment, and the machine will automatically complete the local treatment.

Features of Kitchen Waste Disposal Equipment:

1. Microbial fermentation treatment technology: The heat generated by fermentation can effectively eliminate bacteria, insect eggs and other harmful substances in kitchen waste.

2. Integrate complex systems to solve all problems at once: it has functions such as automatic crushing and sorting of food waste, dehydration, aerobic fermentation, removal of harmful substances, and odor treatment.

3. The equipment consists of automatic lifting system, automatic crushing and sorting system, dehydration system, material conveying system, oil-water separation system, heating system, deodorization system, stirring fermentation system, automatic control system, etc. It can completely ferment and process food waste, and the rest is organic fertilizer.

Features of Kitchen Waste Disposal Equipment:

1. It can decompose kitchen waste, perishable waste, organic waste, etc.

2. The stirring direction of the mixing chamber can be selected: positive and negative stirring.

3. It has automatic discharge function and can be controlled by buttons.

4. It has a fault alarm function. When the equipment is abnormal during operation, it will be displayed on the intelligent control system, corrected and recorded.

5. With switch protection function.

6. It has the functions of parameter setting and test mode.

7. It has the function of continuous input and intermittent operation. The mixing chamber continues to stir for 30 minutes and rests for 5 minutes, saving part of the power, protecting the core components of the equipment, and extending the service life.

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