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3 Definition of Phase Solar Inverter


The three-phase inverter means that the converted AC voltage is three-phase, that is, AC380V. The three-phase power is composed of three AC potentials with the same frequency, equal amplitude, and 120° phase difference.

3 Phase Solar Inverter is defined as a converter that converts DC power into AC power. Its basic principle is SPWM. The hardware architecture is composed of four power modules to form a single-phase and three-phase bridge circuit. The bridge output is connected in series to the load. Through the filter element, the control loop has two signal generation sources, one is a fixed-amplitude triangular wave (modulated wave) generator, and the other is a sine wave generator. Using the triangular wave to modulate the sine wave, the duty cycle will be obtained according to the sine wave. Regularly changing square wave pulse trains with different modulation ratios - the number of pulse trains in a sine cycle is equal to the frequency of the modulating wave divided by the fundamental frequency). Then use the square wave pulse train to control the above-mentioned bridge circuit, and the sinusoidal voltage and current meeting the requirements are obtained on the output.

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